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By using this PV Selection Guide you agree that this tool is for designing the approximate configuration of a photovoltaic array and inverter. You also agree that Blue Oak Energy, Inc. makes no claim to the performance of your system, including, but not limited to, the efficiency, energy or power production of the inverter and PV modules. Additionally, you agree that it is the responsibility of the system design engineer to ensure that the PV module selection, array configuration, and associated wiring diagrams are appropriate for the system being considered. The PV Selection Guide is dependent on the accuracy of the input data provided by the user and it does not account for: temperature effects on module current and module voltage degradation over time. Blue Oak Energy, Inc. makes no representation or warranty regarding the output, and the user agrees to use the Blue Oak Energy PV Selection Guide at its own risk and with the knowledge that Blue Oak Energy, Inc will not be liable to the user for any damages as a result of use of the PV Selection Guide.